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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

About us

My name is *****, my passion for animals began at a very young age. From dawn to dusk you have been with some animals and you may wonder why. Well, I grew up on a farm and thanks to my dad who was with me, I learned all I could about animals on a daily basis, but inside I wondered why animals related to me while I was with them.

This led me to investigate more about pets and the relationship they have with humans when they are fed and cared for. My passion for this connection grew so much that I fell in love with it. Perhaps, but I have continued to meet different types of pets, each one very different. You’ll also be surprised at what type suits any type of person.
We also provide real practical advice to help you care for your pet in the best possible way:


We hope to make our site more useful locally and internationally, and gain more confidence and interest.

Thank you.